sandeep maheswari vs Dr Vivek bindra

What the controversy between sandeep maheswari and Dr Vivek bindra is?

The controversy between sandeep maheswari and Dr Vivek bindra is related to all about selling fake courses by the name of teaching buisness having zero knowledge based value which are selled by any YouTuber or any organisation which is exposed by Sandeep maheswari in their show. before knowing about the controversy first let us know about who are Sandeep mahsewari AND DR VIVEK BINDRA IS?

Who is Sandeep maheswari?

Sandeep maheswari is a very big name in the field of motivation.He is a motivational speaker a role model, a mentor who conducts life changing seminars and a very big YouTuber with 28.3 million subscribers. He is also a photographer with photography buisness. He has a buisness website name as which is India’s largest stock photo company

Who is Dr Vivek bindra?

Dr vivek bindra

Dr Vivek bindra is a motivational speaker and a buisness coach.He is the CEO of the company named Bada Buisness pvt ltd.
He takes training programs on leadership, sales and buisness management.He is a great influencer a leadership consultant and a Buisness coach.And in after that he is also a big YouTuber (name Dr Vivek bindra: motivational speaker) with 21.4 million subscribers

How the controversy between sandeep maheswari and Dr Vivek bindra is started?

A video maded by Sandeep maheswari named “big scam exposed” which was uploaded on 12 December 2023 on their YouTube channel. In that video a boy explains to Sandeep maheswari that he bought a course of a very famous and big YouTuber of Rs 50000 Where before taking course he has been told that he will be given great buisness learning from that course and they will make them Buisnessmen but he explains that nothing works like that firstly they sell to you the course and after that they will give you motivation and tries to divert your mind to sell their courses to earn money.Their are many people there who have faced Same scam and all have explained their problems to Sandeep maheswari. After that sandeep maheswari made a informational Video related to that so nobody in future will no one should fall victim to that thing .But afte uploading of that video Dr Vivek bindra takes it as being personally targeted of their company on that video and after that the controversy gets started after that Sandeep maheswari had written some community post which are mentioned below:

Dr Vivek bindra reacted on Sandeep maheswari video and write a community post
After that Dr Vivek bindra reacted to Sandeep maheswari video and write a community post against that video on 14Dec2023.He replied that
Sandeep maheswari posted community post replying to Vivek bindra community post(PIC)
Another second video related to scam uploaded by Sandeep maheswari

Another second video related to that uploaded by Sandeep maheswari on 16dec2023 named “STOP SCAM BUSINESS” in which Sandeep maheswari explains about the dark reality of such fake courses and also in the comment section of that video he explains that selling a comb (or course) who need us not a scam it’s genuine Buisness.ButSelling a comb worth (Rs50) to a bald person claiming that it is a magical comb(worth Rs 50000) that will grow their hair in a month is a scam.Not refunding money for that useless overpriced comb is a scam.And most importantly, asking that person to sell it to other is definitely a scam . Millions of innocent people have lost their hard earned money in such scams.

Dr Vivek bindra threatened Sandeep maheswari by coming Live:

A live video uploaded by Dr Vivek bindra on 19Dec 2023 replying to sandeep maheswari named #janeman Biggest controversy Biggest program Biggest attack in which he told that the allegations which are being imposed on that is totally wrong. Dr Vivek bindra also denied about sending legal notice to sandeep maheswari.He told that Sandeep maheswari should have listened to both the sides.Dr Vivek bindra openly challenged Sandeep maheswari to invite them to their show and talk and ask questions face to face.He will reply each and every questions of Sandeep maheswari at live.At last of their video Dr Vivek bindra threatened sandeep maheswari just to wait for 1 week and he gonna do something very big to him

Sandeep maheswari openly exposed Dr Vivek bindra:

A replying video uploaded by sandeep maheswari named #stopvivekbindra.On 21 dec 2023 on which he replied to Dr Vivek bindra he they are not afraid of their threat and he openly talk about Dr Vivek bindra courses scam worth 500 crore.He told in that show that the public is with them and also he started a hashtag(#) campaign against Dr Vivek bindra to stop his scam business named #stopvivekbindra.He requested to all the people to use the campaign on all the social media platforms to Stop Dr Vivek bindra scam buisness.

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